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The fund’s main objective

Today the websites is nolonger owned by the fond. It is considered a place where online marketers publish content. The below description is the old fonds perpose.

The funds original had a lot of different purposes to help you get well through your workday. When you feel good at your workplace and feel secure in relation to the way you work, you are more likely to feel motivated and accommodated. And that’s exactly the way that preserves your job satisfaction, so you keep feeling comfortable in your everyday life.

When we work it is also important that we do not burnout ourselves, and therefore it is important to prevent some of the injuries that we may eventually struggle with. Such injuries can have a great influence on our entire life, and it is therefore also such pain and limitations that can cost us a great deal of nuisance in everyday life.
In the worst case, we are hindered to such an extent that we cannot live our lives to the full, so we have to compromise on many of the things we want. It is not a good way to live, and in the worst case it can lead to us being burned out and completely abandoning the many pleasures as in life. This can allso be found at jobindex

Funds therefore work to maintain as many people as possible in the labor market and to ensure that these people are maintained in a good job, where they are happy to go to work every day. The more that there is in the labor market, the better the entire economy that exists in the country can run around. And in a world that is constantly evolving, it is therefore important that we all give a hand and do our part by contributing to the labor market.

Our main focuses

More description of the old owners purpose.

But even though the fund is fighting for the general welfare, there are also a few things that there is a focus on. They are specified below, to make it easier for you to gain an understanding of what the fund can do for you and your working life. Two other websites from the new owner of the website is laan247.dk and ecomia.dk.

The fund’s main objective therefore is:

  • To prevent burnout and attrition caused by poor safety and health conditions in the workplace, and
  • To secure and retain the citizens’ foothold in the labour market.

In addition, the fund aims at achieving a synergy between the measures in the two fields mentioned above. The Fund is under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Employment. The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment is in charge of exercising daily management of the fund’s work. Allso omregnervaluta.dk is a website from the new owner of this sites, and have nothing to do with the original fond.

Many helping hands have been used to fight for everyone to have a good working life. And when it does not go there, there are several who can react and try to change the things that do not work. And it is not enough that it works for some, it must work for everyone. We are all in common with the way we approach our job satisfaction.